Hörmann Locks It In For Safety

Hörmann Locks It In For Safety

Hormann’s latest safety feature is its new Wheelblocker, which locks the vehicle to the loading bay whilst loading is taking place. It has been welcomed as an excellent new safety feature by the distribution industry.

Loading bays are an environment where heavy loads are being transported and moved from vehicles, and by definition are potentially dangerous places. Much has been done in recent years to develop the safest possible technology to minimise incidents and accidents and Hormann has been at the forefront of that technology.

Alan Jenkins, Commercial Director Industrial Division, explained: “In general with loading bays, there are a number of potential hazards, such as forklift trucks falling from the dock. This is caused by truck and trailer creeping away from the loading dock, which can cause the lip of the dock leveler to lose contact with the vehicle bed.”

Hormann’s new Wheelblocker provides the ideal solution. This device is designed to keep the truck and trailer securely located against the dock, only releasing the trailer when the loading/unloading process is complete. Other types of accidents involving loading bays can be avoided by the use of markings or wheel guides. These can be put in place to aid the vehicle driver when parking.

For further information on Hörmann’s extensive range of industrial doors and loading bay equipment, please contact Hormann on 0800 083 7216 or e-mail industrial.lei@hormann.co.uk.

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