Hornage Barn and Farm

Hornage Barn and Farm

Client: Chiltern Estate
Specifier: Ian Slater
Type of works: supply of TLX Silver multi-foil.

While owning and living in an old converted property can be an idyllic scenario, ensuring it delivers an airtight living environment, especially around awkward rafters and eaves can be a tricky task.

Architectural technologist, Ian Slater, is well versed in this problem. Yet by choosing BBA approved TLX Silver multi-foil roofing insulation for a series of barn conversions on the Chiltern Estate he was able to deliver the necessary solution.

TLX Silver is an established product as a performance enhancing solution for roofs when used with rigid board and glass wool. In this instance where rafters were not to be exposed TLX Silver was used in conjunction with glass wool insulation between the rafters to provide a solution to meet the minimum current U-value requirement for the roof.

  • Conversion maintained an elegant eaves line and the overall structural size of roof didn’t increase
  • TLX Silver helped the project save time and money
  • Combination ensured all gaps were filled and an airtight insulating layer existed
  • Installation was easier to inspect to ensure insulation was properly installed.

Ian Slater said: “I had read about the benefits of TLX before I used it and I now prefer it to any other form of insulation. When combined with soft insulation between rafters it’s easier to inspect to ensure correct installation and it’s much more reliable than rigid board insulation cut into gaps. TLX Silver doesn’t present any issues with Building Control as its BBA approved and accepted by the LABC. When specifying it provides a reliable and trustworthy answer and always meets my expectations.”

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