Hornby Hobbies HQ, Margate, Kent

Hornby Hobbies HQ, Margate, Kent

Client: Hornby Hobbies
Contractor: MA Simmonds Install
Type of works: supply of high-quality and PEFC-certified Aldus® windows.

Situated on a 7.5 acre site on the North Kent coast, the building was fitted with single-glazed steel windows when constructed in the 1950s. However, the years and the climate had taken their toll on these windows, and a suitable replacement was needed.

Having been recommended Rationel products by an architect, Hornby’s Logistics Manager, Eric Edmonds, contacted the manufacturer and chose the Aldus® windows as a suitable replacement. In total, some 44 windows were supplied, covering an area of about 136m2.

Primarily, Aldus® windows are made from high-quality PEFC-certified Northern European softwoods. The factory-finished elements can be stained or painted with two coats of waterbased microporous high-build paint in a variety of RAL colours, or translucent wood colour stains.

For this project, the windows have an internal finish of stained timber in the reception area of the building, and White- painted option for the offices. On the external face, Aldus® windows also feature an aluminium cladding which will stand-up well to the marine environment of this geographic area, and greatly reduce the maintenance cycles. RAL 9010 White finish was selected for the cladding.

As Eric Edmonds said: "I have noticed that PVC-U windows in this area tend to loose their quality of finish quite quickly because of the salt-laden air, and double-glazed steel windows were prohibitively expensive. As we are sited alongside a busy main road, traffic pollution is a further issue."

"From both cost and performance points of view, the Aldus® range offered a very attractive alternative. I was also keen to specify a product that would have good environmental credentials as we have been doing some work with the Carbon Trust to reduce our carbon footprint, and the excellent thermal performance of these windows helps us reach our goals."

Eric was also impressed with the help and support he received from both Rationel and the approved installer MA Simmonds Installations. As he explains: "Each window was made-to-measure and there were no problems at the installation stage, even though the existing steel windows were embedded in the brickwork."

"Another factor was that the existing windows had to be removed and the new installed in occupied offices. We didn't have the luxury of being able to clear offices while work was undertaken, so the refurbishment work was phased across a two-week period," he continued. "The installers worked around the staff, ensuring inconvenience was kept to a minimum."

The end result is a refurbishment project that freshens the visual appeal of the building, brings much higher levels of comfort to the occupants, and enhances Hornby Hobbies' commitment to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly installation.

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