Hotel in London

Client: main contractor
Type of works: supplied Em-Glaze Monopitch Elliptical Rooflights

The entrance lobby and reception area of this upmarket hotel required natural borrowed light to ensure it gave a welcoming environment for clients to meet.

Em-Glaze circular and elliptical unit give a dramatic feeling of space and light. The shapes complement the interior layout and internal reveal lighting ensures that the effect is continued at low light level.

Double glazed units comprising of 6mm clear toughened outer /16mm argon filled cavity/8.8 low E laminated inner, ensured a U-Value of 1.4W/m²k, a sound reduction of 34dB and a light transmission of 85%. Combined with a guarantee of 10 years and a life expectancy of 25 years, these units are fully recyclable, which contributes to a minimal environmental impact.

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