Hotel Room Controller From MHI Makes It Easier For Guests To Chill Out

Hotel Room Controller From MHI Makes It Easier For Guests To Chill Out

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched a simplified, easy-to-use air-conditioning controller designed specifically for use in hotel rooms. The RCH-E3 (H is for Hotels) is based on the well-established RC-E3 controller, which has been proven in use with MHI’s VRF systems for some time. The new hotel room control panel retains the best features of the existing model, including the easy-to-read LCD display and installer-friendly two-wire installation, but only has the functions which a hotel guest will need.

Mitsubishi Heavy’s RCH-E3 offers the user control over on/off operation and fan speed, but users are unable to dial in excessive temperature settings which could reduce system efficiency. User adjustment of cooling and heating is restricted to a range of 16 to 30 degrees. Room temperature will either remain at the user’s setting or can be automatically returned to a predetermined level by the hotel’s Building Management System (BMS). The programmable timer functionality has also been removed from the new unit – this, and other advanced functions, are also controlled centrally through the hotel’s BMS.

Mitsubishi Heavy’s UK Sales Manager David Lettis comments, “Simplicity and ease of use are high up the feature list in hotel applications, and the new RCH-E3 controller provides exactly that. Hotel guests want air conditioning which they can adjust with a couple of touches of the button, rather than a system with advanced features they don’t need or fully understand without calling the front desk. And hotel management want to be able to set up a system for maximum efficiency without users being able to override important functionality, either by accident or design.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of the largest of the 200 or so independent companies within the Mitsubishi community. Today, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd has 32,500 employees and annual sales of over £20 billion, ranging from air conditioning to aerospace, and from power systems to shipbuilding. In the UK,

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are available through distributors HRP Ltd, 3D Air Sales Ltd and FM Air Conditioning Ltd.

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