House Tour with Melissa - WoodUpp

House Tour with Melissa - WoodUpp

Melissa and her husband wanted a dream home that was uniquely theirs, so they decided to build a brand new one. They found a perfect spot where they could see their family growing and enjoying the space for years to come.

They both enjoy entertaining family and friends, therefore, having large rooms to accommodate all their guests was important.

A Family Home Is Important

Melissa loves helping people, especially those who are vulnerable, which led her to study to be a pedagogue.

Interior design is her passion and she keeps up on the latest design trends. These new trends inspire her home design, where she wants to create a welcoming space for her immediate family and guests.

The Trentemøller family are a very social bunch and they love entertaining in their lovely home. Their home is a reflection of their social interests. Providing an enviroment where guests could enjoy themselves was essential..

The caravan in their front garden was home for over a year:

"My husband Kasper built this beautiful house for us. In 2015, the caravan was our home while our dream house was being built. Our dream house is finally built in our dream location."

This is the joy Melissa feels about the journey of building their dream home. She is very proud of the outcome and why not.

The surroundings of the home are also part of Melissa's joy. The reason they picked this spot for their dream home is that it is in nature while also being close enough to institutions.

A house that is future-proof with huge surfaces

Future-proofing the house was essential to the family since it gave the kids their own space as they got older and the parents also have their own space. A big gathering room for guests was also another essential element for the home. As a result of all these things, they decided to construct an L-shaped home.

An impressive entrance

A massive kitchen and a high ceiling dining room greet guests as they first enter the Trentemøller home. In the impressive and amazing room, guests will see lovely plants, greeting furniture, stunning pictures and acoustics panels adorning the ceiling and walls.

Huge surfaces result in bad acoustics

The previous acoustic panels they had on the walls didn't work that well, which resulted in them finding a better solution for the kitchen and around the dining table. That solution was WoodUpp and these took away all the reverberation.

This is what Melissa had to say:

"Reverberation is not an issue anymore, which is a relief. Friends and family can gather and socialize without any annoying reverberations."

The popular acoustical panels

Melissa found out online how great the acoustical panels were at eliminating reverberation in large spaces. She consulted with a few carpenters to get their feedback and they said it was a great idea and she should "go" for it.

"Once we discovered WoodUpp, we got some colour samples to see which ones worked for our space. We decided on the bright colours, which were a perfect fit for our space. In our bright room, it provides warmth and natural light. We love it."

Melissa also used the WoodUpp panels to make the gable, ceiling and headboard.

Great online reviews

Once the Akupanels were mounted, the family got numerous compliments about how they added to the beauty of the home. Besides friends and family, Melissa also got positive feedback from the pictures she posted on her Instagram account of her wall, gable and headboard. Followers love her interior design taste.

"Besides the ceiling and as a gable, we also added the panels in our bedroom and we got positive feedback on social media. Our friends and family already raved about the panels."

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