How can electric radiators save you money this winter?

How can electric radiators save you money this winter?

There has long since been a stigma attached the use of electric heating systems. From old, dusty convector units and storage heaters, to wall mounted fan assisted radiators. Electricity has always been the most expensive option and, like for like, is still slightly more expensive than gas. So why are electric radiators suddenly flying off the shelves and how could they benefit you in the short term?

We all know that electricity is soon going to take the place of gas, but many are reluctant to make the switch to an electricity exclusive heating solution. In the last few years however, technology has moved leaps and bounds to bring you some of the most energy efficient heating solutions and some of the ways they can save you money have to be seen to be believed. Electric Radiators Direct pride themselves on bringing you this technology and offering clear and concise advice on how to reduce your energy bills and get the most out of your electricity.

So what are the benefits of electric radiators over gas central heating?

Gas central heating has been commonplace in homes for decades. With a central boiler and thermostat you are able to control the temperature in your home to a certain degree with ease. The radiators heat up relatively quickly and heat is dissipated into the room in a convection current (heat rising to the ceiling and slowly being pushed around the room). This method of heating requires that the boiler be fired up whenever the heating is on which, if you’re only using part of the house or have a busy schedule, can get extremely cost prohibitive. This is where energy efficient electric radiators really come into their own.

Offers you complete control of your heating

There are many advantages to using an electric heating system which we will touch upon, but by far the biggest benefit is its controllability. Electric radiators offer you a level of control which outperforms any gas system you might have and this, combined with advanced heating technology, is where the real cost saving comes in. Take the RC Wave range of electric radiators from Haverland for example. This model can be programmed 24/7 to come on at various times of the day and maintain various different room temperatures - a perfect solution for those of us with busy lifestyles or with rooms in our homes which aren’t used as often as others. You could have a radiator in each room running on its own independent schedule so no heat goes to waste.

A new kind of heat distribution

Another incredible feature of this model is Haverland’s ‘new generation’ heating system. Where a traditional gas radiator will give you convected heat which often heats the room rather slowly and leaves cold spots, the RC Wave uses the perfect blend of convected and radiant heat to distribute heat as evenly as possible throughout the room. These radiators are completely silent, can be programmed to suit your daily schedule to the hour, and will push heat out into the room for a fast and effective heating solution. They even have an inbuilt ‘anti frost’ setting so that if the temperature dips below 7 degrees celsius they’ll protect the water pipes in your home and keep mould at bay. The radiators themselves use dry thermal technology and have no moving parts or liquids - they cannot be damaged by the cold!

Maintain accurate room temperature to save you money

Gas central heating lets you loosely control the temperature of your home, but many people are particular about temperature and why shouldn’t they be? Many prefer the bedroom to be a little cooler than their sitting room for example, or their bathroom to be a lot warmer than their kitchen (kitchens can be warm places anyway if you’re cooking). The RC Wave has an on board thermostat which reacts with the room itself, and is accurate to within 0.5 degrees celsius. This means that if you were to set the target temperature to say, 23 degrees and the room temperature dipped to 22.5, the radiator would come on. Once it reached 23.5, it would quietly switch off again. This happens constantly in the background and means that for every hour you have the radiator in use, it’s perhaps only using electricity or in ‘consumption mode’ for around 20 minutes. This can result in huge savings on your energy bill if used cleverly.

So what are you waiting for? Winter is here and more and more people are enjoying the controllability and cost saving power of energy efficient electric radiators. For more information on the ranges mentioned here or for a free, no obligation quotation, visit .

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