How do you engage with your clients to uncover their true needs?

How do you engage with your clients to uncover their true needs?

Your client may have an idea of what they need. But are they aware of how to drive efficiencies? Here are some of the questions you should highlight if your ambition is to create an optimised facility, which combines efficiency and quality of care with a sound working environment for the caregivers.

• How have you ensured that the buildings enable caregivers to cater for the residents efficiently and safely?

• How have you mapped the intended workflows to make sure they are as efficient as they could be?

• How have you planned for the space needed when using various types of mobility aids?

• How does the environment enable a single caregiver with the right equipment to work without ergonomic challenges?

• How can your environment adapt to gradual changes in the resident’s mobility?

• What are the budget considerations when it comes to planning for the future by getting the building right from the beginning?

Let Arjo create a partnership to support your facility projects

Using their knowledge in the design phase, and ensuring that all crucial aspects are highlighted in the early planning and decision making process, paves the way for designing the ideal care facility.

Their close collaboration with architects, nursing home executives, safe patient handling experts, residents and relatives for almost 30 years, has equipped us with knowledge that can help you ensure that all bases are covered from the start.

In addition to their experts on care facility design, you also have free access to the Arjo Portal for Architects and planners. Their drawings show ideal space requirements for a number of environments and scenarios: at the bed, to the toilet, in the shower, in the bath, bariatric care, the soiled utility room, turning radii, free passage, corridors, elevators and storage.

“You can't go to a client with a blank piece of paper. You must bring some ideas. With Arjo’s design guide at hand, we can talk about mobility issues and space requirements with confidence. This approach has helped us avoid expensive changes during the building process.”
Chris Shearman, Managing Director of TDC Architects

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Arjo believe that empowering movement within healthcare environments is essential to quality care. As leading experts in this field, their mission is to support people with the right environment, skills and equipment for empowering...
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