How to provide delight that will energise retail spaces

How to provide delight that will energise retail spaces

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how a space is styled, it is important for retail and commercial spaces to be well designed as it plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. Learn how to invigorate these spaces with thoughtful and polished looking interiors that leave customers feeling happy and encourage more dwell time.

For Retail and Commercial spaces it is important to have the balance of practical architecture that is enhanced by interior aesthetics. Often, the main goals clients need to address urgently are: how to increase footfall in stores, how to utilise the space efficiently, and how quickly it can be done with minimal downtime.

Vtec Group specialise in commercial wall and ceiling systems that are designed to make it easy for specifiers and designers to use. With an understanding of the versatility a retail spaces’ needs, they help to redefine interiors to help build longevity in a brands commercial success. Here are some ideas to energise these spaces.


An intriguing way to transform a space is to change the interior’s canvas. With Vtec’s Texture Wall Panels this can be done overnight as there is no mortar mixing or wet trades. There is so much beauty in Vtec’s wall systems. It offers a true and authentic atmosphere due to the natural textures and features, as they are produced from original walls.

Texture Wall Panels are large in panel size with minimal jointing making it a seamless install finish from wall to wall. Due to their size, they also allow for rapid installation which in turn ensures a faster delivery date for completion. Lightweight, they can be used on almost any type of wall, being easily adaptable.

Texture wall panels come in 4 different effects - Brick, Concrete, Stone and Timber. Each effect has its own unique set of styles and colours, allowing designers to have the exciting freedom to customise and choose the right texture and style that is best suited to the effect they have imagined. Having a beautiful brick or concrete wall in record time, ensures operations can resume or begin faster, especially for clients under a strict timeline. With a beautiful backdrop that has a tactile and organic look it also helps to set the space more intentionally, acting as a canvas for retailing.


Studies show that ceiling heights actually help and influence customers to make more imaginative and comprehensive purchases. Vtec can see therefore why it is important that even in looking up there is detail and well processed design ideas. Ceilings in retail spaces are linked to consumers buying behaviours. When specifiers, designers and architects are working in this area, getting acoustics, aesthetics and adaptability right are key. All three must come together and be applied creatively to establish the right setting and ambience.

Vtec’s accent ceilings help infuse spaces with sophistication and warmth. The MaxiBeam system is a lightweight feature beam system that offers unparalleled creative scope. MaxiBeam recreates traditional timber looks and characterful features with design freedom. Creative ceilings can be done uniquely such as geometric shapes, curved designs and angled ends. Importantly, when it comes to having an adaptable system, MaxiBeam integrates any lighting, or M&E services, making it easy to install. Acoustically diffusive, it is installed under a perforated ceiling and is perfect for walls, ceilings, rafts or independent screens.

And for every retail project, there is a SupaSlat option. Vtec’s SupaSlat is a modular slatted wood panel system for walls and ceilings. It combines the natural charm, warmth and beauty of wood into a system that is easy to use in its services and acoustic requirements. SupaSlat is a winning blend of beautiful natural solid timber, with stunning veneer, laminate or painted finishes, completely unique and bespoke to every project.


There are many physical attributes on invigorating retail spaces quickly and easily, but an increasingly important choice to evoke longer dwelling time is choosing sustainable materials. Vtec’s MaxiBeam and SupaSlat system are available as FSC or PEFC certified. They value sourcing responsibly and are committed to following sustainable practices for a kinder world. Reducing carbon foot print in retail stores is increasing. Therefore, specifiers need to ensure that sustainable materials are being used to help deliver this. Consumer retail behaviour has changed, being much more self-aware of the spaces they spend time in. Knowing that a space has been designed with considerable thought of the life cycle of the building and its interior, affects a positive buying attitude.

A retail space can have the perfect real estate, but if it is not planned properly with customer satisfaction at its core, then it will not be effective. It is important that an interior addresses its aesthetics carefully, ensuring that the commercial space reflects the brand and their customers are happy and satisfied.

Because they are manufacturers, Vtec understand the complexities of walls and ceilings. Their technical team coordinates with M&E teams to ensure perfect integration of all services using 3D Modelling. Dedicated project managers walk each step of the journey with clients providing on-going support and feedback. Vtec helps support designers and architects in their creation of beautiful interiors that leave happy impressions and memories, providing solutions for every project.

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