How To Save Money and Energy as the Winter Nights Draw In

How To Save Money and Energy as the Winter Nights Draw In

As the winter nights are getting longer so quickly, how do you manage switching times for communal lighting? Every day the daylight hours are changing, so in order to be energy and cost efficient the on/off times of luminaires should change daily too.

If the lights are only switched once to a ‘winter mode’ there will be many hours of waste when the lights don't need to be burning energy or money, especially when it affects a large estates with multiple blocks. The alternative is insufficient lighting, which can lead to dark corners and corridors, putting residents’ safety at risk and creating an uncomfortable environment.

We all know that switching off unnecessary lights can make a big impact on energy consumption and costs. Over the winter months, and with hundreds of luminaires in multiple blocks, every minute adds up to make a BIG difference.

Commulite’s communal lighting system was designed to address this issue easily and without the landlord needing to do anything extra in the winter months, or the rest of the year for that matter.

Every Commulite system contains a circadian tracker, which tracks daylight hours and automatically adjusts the on/off times for every light on a daily basis. That means the spring and autumn daylight saving adjustment is covered, but it also means the on/off times are adjusted daily as winter draws in the nights get longer, and likewise in the spring. So residents are never left in the dark, and nobody is paying for lights that don’t need to be on. It’s a win win.

For more information on how Commulite can make it easier for you as well as saving energy and costs, email them on or call them on 01277 600 300

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