How to specify the right rooflight

How to specify the right rooflight

How do you prioritise features when specifying rooflights? With all the considerations it can be a little arduous. The process becomes much easier when you consider the benefits – and their order of priority - first and foremost.It was this purpose-and-benefit-first approach that Whitesales took when developing the new Em-Dome ECO rooflight, which maximises daylight and offers the best thermal and acoustic performance in the UK.

Consider the primary purpose of a rooflight: drawing natural light indoors. Beyond reduced reliance on artificial lighting and associated carbon impact and higher bills, it makes an interior feel larger. But there’s much more to it than that. Studies show natural light enables greater focus for longer periods, more energy and motivation, more positive outlook and better health and wellbeing. So much so that classrooms with more daylight see improved behaviour and achievement from pupils, hospitals see better and faster recovery rates, and workplaces see morale, productivity and potential profitability increase.

With all that evidence, it’s clear that you should maximise daylight ingress. Which means rooflights, because a rooflight lets in three times as much light as a window of equivalent size – spreading that daylight throughout a room, while a window’s light reaches only as far as six metres in.Overall environmental performance is enormously important to keep costs in use down and meet all current legislation. So your rooflight needs to be weathertight and extremely well insulated to combat heat loss. But how do you combat that without resorting to costly air conditioning? Passive ventilation. A rooflight with ventilation – from hinged openings for roof access through to trickle ventilation - depending on location and purpose.

Whitesales approached the challenge in that exact order with the Em-Dome ECO. The result includes U-Values as low as 0.90 W/m2K, superior natural light transmission, a choice of ventilation, plus impressive impact resistance and security. To further enhance the internal environmental performance they can be supplied with a range of rain, wind, and CO2 sensors or as a smoke ventilator (AOV). The Em-Dome ECO can be fitted to a builders curb, or for an even simpler installation and greater thermal insulation values, to the Em-Curb ECO upstand.

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