How wayfinding and signage design supports a warm welcome

How wayfinding and signage design supports a warm welcome

Whether it’s directing tourists to city centre attractions or guiding people around busy commercial or healthcare environments, effective wayfinding is essential to the visitor experience.

Much more than signage, clear wayfinding can help to reduce stress, maximise opportunities and create a warm welcome.

At Broxap Street Furniture, a number of products they design, manufacture and install support strong waymarking policies.

This includes bollards, covered walkways and of course noticeboards and street signs.

Their collection of products have been developed in partnership with their clients over the years, as individual locations look for a solution to their specific challenges.

Create an identity
While they offer both standard and bespoke street furniture, they also provide a full customisation service.

Creating an identity is crucial to the wayfinding experience, instantly helping people to get their bearings and understand their location.

An identity can be developed through colour matching powder coated frames, columns and displays.

Broxap offer a range of finials, including the Castlefield finial which accommodates cast logos and lettering.

In Worcester, they designed and manufactured a bespoke pear-shaped Custom Finial, a reference to the distinctive Black Worcester Pear.

And as a trusted supplier to local authorities UK-wide they are experienced in incorporating crests and slogans into their street furniture.

Inclusive designs
Making public places more accessible to everyone helps people feel welcomed and included.

In terms of wayfinding, this may include well structured paths, with plenty of space for wheelchairs and buggies, as well as strategically placed seating.

Inclusive wayfinding can support those with dementia or memory loss, and appropriate signage, such as a Finger Post Column, is essential at key meeting points and walking routes.

In Stirling, Broxap worked with the city council to design 13 bespoke Litchard Seats with armrests, backrests and comfortable timber slats to offer rest stops and encourage people to maintain their independence by getting out and about more.

Decision points
Outdoor noticeboards and display cases have an important role to play to complement the emergence of digital technologies.

They are a valuable tool for communication, particularly at cross roads and decision points, where visitors may be looking for instant advice.

Think about the location and the amenities available – if it is an area with poor wifi or phone signal a notice board or display case is a simple and effective way to distribute information to a wide and diverse audience.

In North Wales, a series of post mounted cases with Chatsworth Header Boards were manufactured to highlight information including beach forecasts. These were designed to be extremely hard-wearing to take into account the coastal locations of the boards.

A guiding hand
Sometimes using wayfinding techniques to limit choice is appropriate such as at a busy airport or transport interchange.

Providing a covered walkway or canopy which instinctively guides passengers to the next stage in their journey helps to ensure travellers reach their destination safely.

Covered walkways also support sustainable travel, offering direct links for people to key buildings and locations which are easy to navigate and follow on foot.

At London Luton Airport, Broxap has designed, manufactured and installed a series of canopies to provide a comfortable welcome to passengers arriving by bus.

The wave shape of the fabric tensile canopies mirror the logo of LLA, supporting location identity, and this is now complemented by a Newcastle freestanding walkway leading passengers directly from the new DART station, due to open in 2023, to the airport terminal.

Call the team to discuss your wayfinding needs or discover how their products can support placemaking and identity.

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