How weather resistant is Composite Decking? [Blog]

How weather resistant is Composite Decking? [Blog]

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable with summers often reaching 30+ degrees and the winters, on the other hand, being extremely cold and wet. If you live in the UK, you will be familiar with this predicament and it may have resulted in spending hundreds of pounds every single year trying to maintain your wooden deck through treatment and repainting.

However, it gets to a point when, if the wood is completely damaged beyond repair, you have no choice but to do a complete replacement. In terms of weather-resistant decking, composite decking is most certainly the best all weather solution for a long-lasting outdoor decking solution.

Traditional timber decking is not designed to withstand these two extremes coupled with some showers of rain in the long-term. The reason for this is that when the wood soaks up water, it swells and becomes bowed, and when it freezes, it may crack. Consequently, during the sunny season, the wood may become faded or bleached due to direct sunlight.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking, also known as composite wood decking, is made of wood fibres encased in plastic. With the advancements being witnessed in the manufacturing department, companies have now been able to produce elegant composites and emulate the natural look of wood. The composites are made in such a way that they can keep up and withstand the UK’s harsh weather conditions.

Composite decking has become the fastest-growing wooden decking alternative in the UK and has become very popular in recent years. It provides a very low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional wooding system. Besides, it is durable and comes in gorgeous garden designs.

Composite Decking Vs Wood Decking

Composite decking is a better option in many aspects compared to its counterpart, traditional wooden decking. Composite decking gives you up to 20 years of guaranteed quality and service. Find out whether composite decking can withstand the weather in the UK.


As we have mentioned, traditional wooden decking is expensive to repair and maintain. If you want to extend a wooden deck’s life, you need to regularly treat the wood and paint it to prevent moisture that causes it to rot. On the other hand, composites are straightforward to manage and maintain as all they require is just washing or sweeping to keep the deck looking good.

Damage from Insects

Termites and other insects are known to destroy wood are a common problem when it comes to your wooden deck. Composite decking, unlike wood decking, is not prone to damage from any wood-eating insects.

Sun Protection

Some of the manufactured boards are UV-resistant, therefore preventing their colours from fading or getting bleached by the sun. During the making of the composite decking, the wood flour and resin are mixed with colour pigments. The composite decking becomes resistant to UV once the polymer cap is applied.

Resistant to Decking Splitting

Wooden boards soak up water, meaning that they are also prone to freezing, causing frosting damage. Composite decking is made in such a way that it does not take in any water. High-quality composite decks are made to offer a texture like real wood, providing an excellent grip in all weather conditions. Unlike wooden deck boards, composite decks don’t require sealing when winter comes to prevent them from breaking and cracking.

Composite Decking Does Not Rot

The porous nature of wood makes it prone to rotting and decking splitting, especially when exposed to water. Composite decking is manufactured in a standardized way and capped with a protective layer of polymer sleeve that creates uniform boards resistant to moisture.

It is common to see the green algae growing on the traditional wood decking that makes it unpleasant. You will not at any single point experience such if you have composite decking, and it will look good for almost 20 years.

Benefits of All Weather Deck Boards

Composite decking is an all weather decking material that delivers a number of benefits, such as budget, maintenance, availability, and so much more. You need to do very keen research if you are planning to install it in your home. There are several products in the market, and they vary in terms of quality and appearance.


1. Weather Resistant
Composite decks are suitable for all weather types and are more durable than wooden alternatives as they guarantee you about 20 years of service with very minimal maintenance.

2. Low-Maintenance Deck Boards
Composite decks require very minimal maintenance when compared to other decking materials.

3. Wide Range of Colours and Sizes
Composite boards come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes, giving you the freedom to create your outdoor space without any limits. One of the most popular lengths that we stock here at BuildDeck is 3.6m composite decking.

If you’ve seen something you like in this article and are interested in having your own composite product installed in your garden or outdoor space, contact the BuildDeck team! We have everything you need and ensure you get the best materials for the job. We also offer helpful pointers for you when you need them.

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