How weight load notices improve your warehouse safety [BLOG]

How weight load notices improve your warehouse safety [BLOG]

Weight load notices are a significant piece of signage which is secured onto your racking, designed to keep your workforce safe. The notices provide key information on the safety and maintenance advice for the racking structure. Employees should always be trained on how to safely use the racking system however the notices provide guidance when required.

The notices provide important safety information using text, pictograms, colours and diagrams, making it easy for warehouse operatives to read safety messages whilst carrying out their daily tasks. The clear labelling provides important details of the weight that structures they are working with can bear. It is vital that these safety limits are obeyed to prevent accidents and to stay safe. The labels also include clear warnings, instructions and prohibitions to highlight general safe use and maintenance of the racking structure.

Here is an example of a racking weight load notice:

Figure 1 Blank Example

There are three sections on a weight load notice. The first one highlights general safety information:

Figure 2 General Safety

The second section is relevant to the particular racking system being used:

Figure 3 Racking Specifics

The third section details the supplier and their contact details:

Figure 4 Supplier Details

With the use of weight load notices you are demonstrating a safe warehouse where protection for employees is priority.

If you would like advise on weight load notices, please contact Warehouse Systems Limited on 0113 2045350 or email

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