Hudevad Radiators at innovative Copenhagen school

Hudevad Radiators at innovative Copenhagen school

Hudevad Radiators were chosen for Sydhavnsskolen, an award-winning Copenhagen school.

A large city like Copenhagen is always expanding, and expansion means higher demands for innovation and invention. Those two words are well covered at Sydhavnsskolen. The innovative school is located at the south harbor area and has a capacity of 840 students.

Sydhavnsskolen’s impressive construction is divided onto five floors and has an area of approximately 10.000 m2. Because of its location, the school has a specific focus area; the sea.

Hudevad Radiators became a part of the exciting project when deliberations regarding heating began. Over-temperatures in schools are often a big problem because of many large glass walls, which generate extreme heat on sunny days and a great deal of cold draughts on chilly days. . Radiators are quick to react to temperature changes in the ambient environment and are perfect for rooms and buildings with a high flow of people.

The chosen solution was Hudevad Radiator’s Consilio bench. With Consilio benches in all hallway areas there are lots of seating options and work areas, and most importantly; the heating aspect was not compromised. Moreover, the Consilio was customized to fit the interior of the school completely.

The building has a rugged look and the architects wanted that mirrored in the Consilio bench. The Consilio was therefore made for the hallways with a Kerto board on top and coated it with linoleum.

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