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Huesker HaTelit® cuts maintenance costs

Huesker HaTelit® cuts maintenance costs

Huesker HaTelit® is the answer to long lasting, money saving road paving.

Repeat or annualised maintenance activities road maintenance has major cost and safety benefits when considering the whole life cycle cost of the road. Increasing the longevity of pavement performance will reduce costs over time and increase intervention intervals, preventing potentially high risk traffic management issues.

It is well proven that the use of synthetic asphalt reinforcement products and paving fabrics both help to extend the life of roads and pavements.

Introducing HaTelit®

HaTelit is a high-performance composite synthetic, comprising a geogrid and ultra-lightweight geotextile pre-impregnated with bitumen.

Its flexible, high-strength and temperature resistant properties make it ideal for the reinforcement of asphalt layers, in road and airport applications.

The main purpose of using HaTelit asphalt reinforcement is to prevent "reflective cracking". The composite product is pre-impregnated with a bituminous coating. This unique combination of materials ensures ideal distribution of any developing tensile stresses within the asphalt.

In unreinforced asphalt roads, the action of traffic loading and temperature fluctuations result in tension cracks form within the asphalt. Over time, these cracks can eventually cause serviceability failure. The introduction of HaTelit into the system acts to absorb the stresses in the crack tip thereby directly inhibiting the ability to propagate through to the new surfacing layer.

Due to their extra-long service life, HaTelit reinforced asphalt roads require much lower expenditure on maintenance and rehabilitation than standard road constructions.

Additionally paving fabric is an integral part of the road structure to reduce fatigue cracking of the asphalt; it also prevents binder migration or 'bleeding' in wheel track areas. It can help to limit cracking and forms a barrier to surface water helping to maintain the pavement's structural strength.

HaTelit® G

HaTelit G is the first HUESKER reinforcement grid to successfully combine the positive features of a 60% bitumen content coating - a hallmark of the HaTelit range - with a glass-fibre grid product.

As with other HaTelit products, installation is simplified by the incorporation of an ultra-lightweight bitumen impregnated backing.

In most cases, asphalt pavements that suffer cracking require rehabilitation. Instead of replacing the binder course, it is possible to lay an asphalt reinforcement product such as HaTelit® on top to prevent the propagation of existing cracks into the new surface wearing course. This solution substantially cuts the cost of rehabilitation and extends the service life of the road.

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