Hunterston Nuclear Power Station

Hunterston Nuclear Power Station

Type of works: design and manufacture of a hinged single-leaf radiation shielding door.

Commissioned by INS Innovations, now BNS Nuclear Services, Booth provided the detailed design and manufacture of one hinged single-leaf radiation shielding door for installation at Hunterston Nuclear Power Station.

The door leaf in 50mm-thick carbon steel provides personnel access of 1,000mm wide by 2,000mm high through a RC wall structure, with the door leaf hung on a cast-in carbon steel frame. Weighing over 1,200kg, the door leaf is manually operated with a lever handle and heavy-duty pull handle on a pair of purpose-built heavy-duty machined hinges, providing smooth door operation. The lever handle provided wedge compression onto adjustable seals, minimising airborne contamination.

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