Hush offers Sound Reduction Solutions for Underfloor Heating

Hush offers Sound Reduction Solutions for Underfloor Heating

Hush Acoustics is supporting the rapid growth in the popularity of underfloor heating (UFH) by ensuring homeowners and developers can also maximise the acoustic performance of their floors through its range of specialist insulation products.

The global UFH market is estimated to growing by over 7% annually according to the report ‘Underfloor Heating Market by Component – Global Forecast 2023’ with an anticipated total value of US$6.6 billion by 2025. One of the main reasons for this growth is the shift to greener heating technologies, primarily away from gas boiler based central heating, with UFH working well with air source heat pumps.

As a UK acoustic insulation manufacturer, Hush Acoustics products and systems are designed to address all areas of sound reduction in domestic properties. A number of its solutions are ideal for use in combination with the many different types of underfloor heating.

With the right configuration and design, these products can be combined and tailored to suit the specifics of any UFH system. This will ensure that the acoustic insulation does not act as a barrier to the thermal output of the UFH system which could result in the system underperforming and being inefficient.

For example, with an UFH system which sits between timber joists, acoustic insulation to address impact sounds on the floor, such as footsteps, can be added using Hush-Felt 25 joist strips applied to the tops of the joists. This would mean sound reduction is possible without creating a thermally-insulating barrier between the UFH pipes and the floor level.

In other types of UFH, adding acoustic insulation below the system in a separating floor could be more appropriate, with products like Hush-Slab 100 providing an effective airborne sound insulator.

This popular sound absorber panel can be easily cut to fit tightly between timber joists above ceilings.

And in screeded concrete floors, where an acoustic insulation layer is needed to conform with the UK Building Regulations regardless of whether a UFH is fitted or not, the design could utilise the rubber-based Hush Under Screed Acoustic Membrane. This will sit under the UFH and, therefore, does not prevent heat transfer to the room above.

Given the many different UFH systems available and the flexibility to combine a number of different sound reduction materials, the safest way to achieve the right outcome when adding acoustic insulation to a heated floor is to seek specialist advice.

Answers to common question such as ‘Does underfloor heating reduce noise?’ and ‘What insulation do I need with underfloor heating?’ can be provided by speaking to the Hush Acoustics team, who have more than 30 years’ experience in sound reduction systems and products.

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