Hygienic wall kerbing for fish processing factory

Hygienic wall kerbing for fish processing factory

When a fish processing factory in Belgium required hygienic wall protection that could withstand their daily cleaning regimes, they contacted John L. Lord & Son Ltd.

It is vital for food processing factories to have strict cleaning regimes to maintain a high hygienic environment, and avoid the risk of contamination to their products.

Two types of wall kerbing where recommended; PolySto OP30 Sanicoat Rebated Wall Kerb and PolySto OP10F Sanicoat Wall Kerb.

The smooth, Sanicoat surface of both Kerb designs is resistant to water and cleaning chemicals, which provides an easy to clean surface, making the daily cleaning routine more efficient.

Within the open processing areas of the factory, the OP30 Rebated Wall Kerb was installed. The rebate of the Wall Kerb allows for a resin floor wall cove to be created, which provides a seamless connection between the floor and wall and removes the awkward-to-clean, 90 degree corner.

The OP10F Wall Kerb was installed within the factory where door slides operated. The Wall Kerb is a lot smaller and thinner than the OP30 Kerb, and so allows the door slides to move freely in front of the Kerb while maintaining a sealed, hygienic processing area.

In addition, the door slides and Wall Kerbing were protected by stainless steel bump rail and bollards to prevent any factory traffic colliding into the doors and the building.

Once both Wall Kerbs had been installed, PolySto Hygienic Sealant was applied to the top and bottom connections of the Wall Kerb, which completely sealed the floor to wall connection - eliminating the gaps where unwanted bacteria could harbour in.

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