I’ve got an existing brick wall, can I still install the Eclisse system?

I’ve got an existing brick wall, can I still install the Eclisse system?

The solution is simple and straightforward: the Eclisse system has a finished wall thickness of only 100mm, after you attach the plasterboard, so it is easy to create a false wall from 3” (75mm) studwork running alongside the existing brick wall.

Yes you do lose a small area of the room but gain a proportionally huge amount in usable space that was wasted behind the door and the door just slides effortlessly inside the wall.

This system can also be be applied to double doors between living and dining rooms or even to replace French doors when adding a conservatory or extension, the opportunities are there to make your home an easier and more pleasant place to be.

One tip is that you should size the Eclisse system based on the actual brick opening that you have for your hinged door, i.e. the width between the bricks and the height between the finished floor level and the brick above the existing door frame and not the internal measurements of the existing wooden frame. This will allow you to have the maximum size of final opening.

Then select the nearest passage size of the Eclisse kit that is just slightly smaller than the brick opening. This will mean when the unit is aligned and installed your builder should be able to line the existing opening to match the Eclisse opening.

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