Icopal To Exhibit Comprehensive Range At EcoBuild

Icopal To Exhibit Comprehensive Range At EcoBuild

At this year’s Ecobuild, Icopal, the World leader in building protection, will be showcasing its extensive range of building protection solutions including the company’s Eco-Activ® range and Monarplan in addition to the Monarfloor Wall Cap and Wall Cap, Lamatherm.

The Eco-Activ® range of products, which include brands such as Noxite, IcoSun and Icopal Green Roofs, work proactively with the environment to help minimise the impact of a building and reduce emissions. The products can be used across both domestic and non-domestic sectors.

Noxite is a roofing membrane, which has significant benefits to the environment and air quality, by efficiently cleaning the air of NOx particles, including NO2. The Noxite roofing membrane contains special grades of titanium dioxide (TiO2), which stimulates the process of converting NOx particles into harmless nitrates. When ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits the roof, it works with the titanium dioxide in the roof membrane to effectively neutralise more than 90% of the NOx particles resting on the surface of the roof before they are washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind.

Icopal’s Green Roof Systems provide a way to blend the roof design with its surrounding landscape, resulting in a natural-looking and attractive roofing system. Furthermore, provide the added advantage of water reduction to reduce the risk of flooding. Icopal will also be presenting a solar photovoltaic (PV) product, which is a solution for flat roofs. IcoSun is made up of flexible modules, which can be applied directly to the Icopal waterproof membrane and the cells work by converting daylight into electricity using an inverter; the modules even work in cloudy conditions.

Also on show at this year’s Ecobuild will be the company’s Monarfloor Wall Cap and Wall Cap – Lamatherm, which are currently the only accepted and proven methods of providing ‘effective edge sealing’ combined with acoustic performance in separating party cavity walls. This is a requirement of the new Approved Document L1A and Part E of the Building Regulations. Monarfloor Wall Cap and Wall Cap – Lamatherm effectively seals the edge of the party wall, reducing thermal convection. It acts as a fire barrier and reduces acoustic flanking sound transmission.

Monarplan from Icopal, another product being exhibited, is a single ply roofing membrane, which is available for mechanically fastened, fully adhered, ballasted or green roof waterproofing applications. Monarplan is a mixture of polymer compounds (PVC-P) extruded to create a consistent, homogenous sheet. These are brought together in two layers to create either a polyester or glass mesh reinforcement.

Making a return this year will be the Decra roof system. The tiles are available in a range of colours and provide a lightweight alternative to slate or concrete tiles.

Neil Harrison, Technical Director at Icopal comments, “Our Eco-Activ range continues to be an important focus at this year’s Ecobuild – the roofing solutions provide specifiers, contactors and their end-clients and way to really help improve the long-term affect of a building. Our exhibit at Ecobuild will really show our capabilities as a company as well as the capabilities of our products, which provide confidence to end-clients and unlimited freedom in the building’s design.”

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