IGLOOS Education Cubicles Develop!

IGLOOS Education Cubicles Develop!

IGLOOS Washrooms is pleased to announce that it has recently developed its existing cubicle system ranges to include a collection suitable for the education sector.

This collection includes pre-school, primary and secondary, and have been uniquely designed after extensive research and development into problems associated with school toilets.

Problems identified by IGLOOS varied according to the age ranges. For example, privacy is an issue in primary schools as the pupils are quite self conscious of using urinals, therefore there was a need for urinal partitions and higher cubicles. Durability is a problem in secondary schools as they experience more bullying and vandalism, this resulted in needing more resilient materials to be incorporated into the design. Poor hygiene and ventilation was found to be a general problem across the board and required good planning at the early stages to tackle this.

IGLOOS offers not only the installation of the cubicles, but the whole room as a package. The room is designed according to the requirements and the whole user experience is taken into consideration start to finish. This is evident in all the ranges, for instance the pre-school range can incorporate age appropriate learning aids such as shapes, colours, alphabet letters, words and sums.

IGLOOS has recently completed some other exciting projects including a 70’s Rollerdisco, a sophisticated restaurant and 5 floors of a multi-storey YMCA building in the heart of London.

The Central London project at the YMCA involved re-designing an existing unisex washroom area on the 14th floor into separate male/female facilities, then repeating the process on 4 more floors, this was to be designed around existing problematic drainage and plumbing connections and replacing all the baths with showers.

The brief for the restaurant included keeping an industrial feel whilst creating a sleek, easy to maintain washroom. The design of the rooms made use of the high curved ceilings and exposed ventilation pipes with a seamless cubicle system with additional height.

Hot Pink cubicle doors with a wavy White pilaster were installed at the Rollerdisco, in keeping with the brief. To complement the disco atmosphere in the main hall a disco ball effect was created with a mirror mosaic effect surrounding the main vanity mirror.

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