Innovative automatic sliding wall system at Lighthouse Arts Centre

Innovative automatic sliding wall system at Lighthouse Arts Centre

Gilgen Door Systems have provided their automatic sliding wall system at Poole’s newly refurbished Lighthouse Arts Centre.

The Gilgen STW sliding wall system was recently installed as part of a £5.3 million centre re-development and features fully glazed wall panels powered by an electric drive system.

Architects ‘Design Engine’ chose the Gilgen STW system for the refurbished lobby area to provide a stylish yet versatile solution.

Two sliding wall systems each featuring three fully glazed wall panels were installed either side of a central lobby between the restaurants and ticket desk.

Each glazed panel is equipped with two precision carriages, a power pick-up unit and a compact drive module.

The panels are mounted to an adjustable ceiling mounted track rail with an integrated drive belt which provides extremely quiet and smooth operation.

Activated through a control panel, the moving wall system is mounted on the adjacent wall, enabling staff to engage the system at the push of a button.

To ensure safety STW features fully monitored operating with continuous scanning that automatically stops the drive system if there is a risk of obstruction.

A fully integrated bottom guide helps the smooth-running characteristics, the panels can also be moved manually in event of power failure.

The intelligent design of STW means that when the system is in the open position, the panels are stacked away and occupy very little space.

As part of the refurbishment works Gilgen also installed an automatic swing door with an acoustic screen, this improved access from the Theatre Gallery to the main restaurant but also limited noise pollution.

The door, which is 2.6m high and 1m wide, incorporates 22mm thick safety glass for its insulation properties and is driven by Gilgen’s powerful FD20 swing door operator.

Installed to BS EN16005 guidelines the door is activated by a 3-position key switch and door mounted motion sensors.

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