Inside and Out, Fitzpatrick Metal Doorsets Take Some Beating

Inside and Out, Fitzpatrick Metal Doorsets Take Some Beating

The unrivalled aesthetics and performance that have become hallmarks of Fitzpatrick steel doorsets from Leaderflush Shapland are not only perfect for all back-of-house entrances: their durability, flexibility, strength and high fire-resistance also make them the ideal choice for internal applications in environments such as schools and hospitals.

Many recent projects have benefited from the performance characteristics and visual appeal of Fitzpatrick doorsets: over 4,000 doorsets for the major redevelopment of the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth; over 100 doorsets for three schools in the Peterborough BSF Programme – the Voyager School, the Jack Hunt School and the Ken Stimpson Community School; 80 doorsets for two schools in Lewisham – Forest Hill and Crofton; and 20 doorsets for the Frederick Bremer School in Walthamstow.

Doorsets from the Firecel and Securicel ranges, including vision panels, side-panels, over-panels and louvre units, were supplied to the aforementioned projects. Firecel doorsets have been successfully subjected to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 fire testing allowing certification of up to 240 minutes fire resistance. Securicel doorsets offer a range of protection and performance characteristics, providing resistance to petty threats up to attempted forced entry and are available in four distinct levels of security protection.

Fitzpatrick doorsets are designed and manufactured using sophisticated computerised equipment to be accurate robust and low maintenance and with a wide selection of finishes, including decorative metallic and textured finishes from Akzo Nobel’s Interpon Elements range, Fitzpatrick is able to help designers realise their design vision both practically and aesthetically.

Based in Birmingham, Fitzpatrick has manufactured metal doors and doorsets for the commercial and industrial building sectors since the 1940s and can draw on a wide range of expertise as part of Leaderflush Shapland, the UK's leading performance doorset manufacturer, including a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and education sectors.

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