Install SMART electric radiators to avoid heating empty rooms

Install SMART electric radiators to avoid heating empty rooms

The latest SMART wall-mounted electric radiator from Haverland is the ideal solution for clients that want full control of their heating with little or no effort.

With the ability to know if a room is in use or not, and to change its temperature settings accordingly, ULTRAD is the ideal energy and cost saving heating system for hotels, student accommodation and education facilities, care homes and more.

No need for programming intervention:

The radiator itself has no set-up, configuration, or programming required, users simply have to install and switch on the product.

Haverland’s electric radiator knows what date and time it is and will be set at a comfortable temperature due to its in-built motion sensing technology, Haverland’s SMART electric radiator knows when someone is in the room and intelligently sets itself to the ideal temperature.

If no movement has been detected for a predetermined period, ULTRAD automatically lowers its temperature to an economy, then anti-frost setting – minimising energy consumption and reducing costs by avoiding unnecessary heating.

During its first week of operation, the radiator recognises patterns in when the room is used, creating daily programs.

It automatically adjusts its settings so that the room is at the perfect temperature before it is occupied. The radiator then learns continuously, automatically repeating its intelligent daily and weekly cycles, while sensing and adapting to changes in when the room is used.

Watch this short video to learn more about how ULTRAD works.

Flexible control options:

ULTRAD is all about flexibility. Users can simply let the radiator programme itself, or they can choose to override and set specific temperatures and timings, with a 24/7 customised programming feature.

The radiators are Wi-Fi connected via Haverland’s smart box system, which allows them to be controlled from anywhere by smartphones, tablets or computers via the easy to use Haverland app.

Uniquely, the app allows multiple SMART electric radiators to be fully controlled and programmed individually or all together as required by the installer and/or the end user.

Efficient installation and heating:

Haverland’s SMART electric radiators feature a leading, accurate, built-in thermostat which holds the set temperature to within 0.2°C, eliminating costly temperature fluctuation.

The wall mounted SMART electric radiators are normally hardwired to a fused spur and are extremely easy to install. They require no portable appliance testing (PAT), maintenance or servicing.

Find out how easy how easy it is to install an ULTRAD here.

Stocklists and further information:

Haverland’s SMART wall-mounted electric radiators are stocked nationwide at leading electrical wholesalers. To read more and find out about sizes available, click here or for further information contact

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