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Introducing Green Drain by Ecoprod Technique

Introducing Green Drain by Ecoprod Technique

Ecoprod Technique have added the Green Drain product to their portfolio.

The Green Drain offers the best floor drain trap seal protection available in the market today and fits in well alongside Ecoprod’s existing ranges of water-saving and environmental washroom products. The Green Drain solves a number of problems that are common in washrooms, kitchens and other places where floor drains are installed.

The Green Drain has a one-way valve which eliminates odours, whilst still keeping the drain fully functional at all times.

The Green Drain’s one way valve creates a seal to eliminate floor drain odour issues, meaning there are no more gases emanating from the floor drains.

Green Drain also eliminates the need for chemical applications, both cleaning fluids and air fresheners, while contributing to a healthier environment and can be crucial to preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria that can escape from sewers causing potential health hazards.

The Green Drain is also cost efficient and environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need to frequently pour fresh water down the drain to maintain the liquid trap seal. It truly is an ‘install and ignore’ solution for floor drain problems, saving a significant amount of time, water, costs and energy.

Traditional floor drain liquid trap components need to be changed often and are generally difficult to replace. In contrast the Green Drain takes mere seconds to install and also acts as a barrier trap protection device. The Green Drain is a great solution in both new construction and as a retrofit into existing floor drains.

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