Invisible Beauty from Record

Invisible Beauty from Record

The latest Blasi underfloor bi-parting sliding door systems are almost impossible to see, yet they turn up in some of the most extraordinary places.

Architect Behnisch, Frankenthal used the door system for a pyramid within a pyramid design. Then there are also some rather remarkable bi-parting sliding doors in Berlin designed by Axthelm & Frinken.

The system has even found a home in the Reichstag in Berlin thanks to architects Foster & Partners.

Available in the UK from Record (UK) Ltd, Blasi underfloor bi-parting sliding door systems captivate because they have no visible mechanisms. This allows the designer to let the imagination run wherever it will.

Besides ground-breaking creative opportunities for architects and designers, it also enables entrance areas to be integrated into any facade in an unprecedentedly harmonious manner.

The visual lightness that is achieved is unique and makes this door system an invaluable creative tool.

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