Jacksons Fencing provided to secure "greenest mosque in Europe"

Jacksons Fencing provided to secure "greenest mosque in Europe"

Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic fencing from Jacksons Fencing has been installed at the £23m Cambridge Central Mosque, described as the “greenest mosque in Europe” and “a unique prayer space that fuses traditional and modern architecture”.

The building was designed by the renowned Marks Barfield Architects to be truly inclusive, sustainable, safe, secure and respectful of its neighbourhood, with construction carried out by Gilbert Ash.

To stay true to key ecological values throughout the site, the required fencing also needed to have sustainable qualities such as a long lifetime guarantee and responsible sourcing of materials.

To reduce the noise impact for both local residents and worshippers, Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic fencing was installed, resulting in a safe, secure, anti-climb perimeter with an aesthetically pleasing noise barrier that blends in with the surrounding area.

This is achieved using a flat timber profile along with interlocking ‘V’ boards which reduces the rate at which sound waves can pass through the barrier.

The natural timber facade matches the timber structure inside the mosque and satisfies the environmental requirements of the development; providing a long term solution with a 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack.

In the government advice document for planning security around places of worship, it is recommended that places of worship should be made as accessible as possible and ensure that there is a welcoming atmosphere within.

It also highlights the need for balance to be achieved between creating an accessible, welcoming atmosphere while ensuring that there are robust protective security measures in place.

As part of the security plan, Jacksons supplied Sentry® metal railings, which were specially crowd loaded. The guide emphasises that security measures must not compromise public safety, which is why it was essential that Sentry® railings were designed to ensure safety for large groups of people congregating in areas.

Sections of the fencing were cranked to fit onto walls, providing additional height and deterring people from climbing.

To match the fencing, Jacksons provided two self-closing gates fitted with secure magnetic locks to provide access control and ensure gates are not accidentally left open. The self-closing timers can be adjusted to ensure there is appropriate access for everyone, and reduce the risk of closure during busy times.

Also supplied was Barbican® vertical bar fencing, Jacksons alternative to steel palisade fencing, which provides much higher security as there are no bolts or palings to be forced or removed. The design is less intimidating, while still providing an anti-climb solution.

Additionally, EuroGuard® Flatform mesh fencing was installed to provide clear access for CCTV cameras. With its horizontal twin wire construction and flat profile, it provides a strong and durable anti-climb solution.

All Jacksons steel fencing and gates are guaranteed for 25 years, keeping long-term maintenance costs low and connecting the product back to the core sustainability objective of the project.

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