Jaga Heating Products (UK)

Jaga Heating Products (UK)

Jaga Heating Products (UK) Ltd specialises in radiators and other heating products.

Jaga products include LST (low surface temperature) radiators, radiators specially designed for use with heat pumps, fan assisted dynamic heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions and eye-catching designer radiators.

The Jaga range is suitable for new build or refurb work in homes, offices, hotels, residential healthcare and sheltered housing, hospitals, public buildings, schools and colleges and educational building projects.

Trade names

Accolade, Angula, Aplano, Arco, Aristocrat, Basic, Brise, Brise Freestanding, Briza, Built-in, Canal Compact, Canal Plus, Circo, Circo Corner, Circo Freestanding, Circo Pillar Cover, Clima Canal, Cocoon LST, Crossroads, Deco, Geo, Heatwave, Knockonwood, Knockonwood Freestanding, Linea Freestanding, Linea-Plus, Maxi LST, Micro Canal, Mini, Mini Canal DBE, Mini Freestanding, Mini-Canal, Moon, Nautica, Oxygen, Panel Plus, Pinch, Play, Quatro Canal, Sani Basic, Sani Louvre, Sani Panel, Sani Ronda, Sentinel LST, Strada, Tempo Continuous LST, Tempo Freestanding LST, Tempo LST, Tetra, Twine, Unit Heater, Vertiga, Visio, Wave

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