Jaga launches a master of airflow

Jaga launches a master of airflow

Offering an unmatched combination of unobtrusive design and powerful space heating, Jaga Heating Products has announced the launch of the Jaga AVS Unit Heater.

The units excel in providing faster heating with better temperature distribution, yet consume less energy than traditional space heating solutions.

Equipped with Jaga’s innovative Air Venturi System(AVS) technology, which mixes heated and ambient air, the Unit Heater provides the highest level of heating comfort, in even the biggest of spaces like exhibition halls, manufacturing facilities and industrial spaces. While the higher air exhaust temperature of standard unit heaters causes hot air to rise too quickly, with the cooler air consequently pushed down, the innovative AVS technology keeps the exhaust temperature lower, which greatly reduces the up-draught – giving an even temperature, faster heating up times and better energy efficiency.

With a heat output from 5kWs up to 78kWs, the Unit Heater is also fitted with Jaga’s Low H2O technology, resulting in faster response times. This, coupled with an energy-efficient EC motor, helps keep energy consumption to a minimum.

The Jaga AVS Unit Heater also has a range of both wall and ceiling mounting options to suit varying installation needs. Additionally, its unobtrusive construction, without any visible screws or rivets, combined with a high-quality, dirt repellent, grey lacquered finish makes it ideal for any application.

With optional accessories that include modulating louvres, thermostatic speed controllers and fresh air inlets, the Jaga AVS Unit Heater is a versatile, powerful, energy efficient heating solution.

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