Kaleidoscope, Cambridge

Kaleidoscope, Cambridge

Client: Crest Nicholson
Type of works: supply of 10,000 linear metres of ThermoWood.

The redevelopment of former Cambridge University Press land in the centre of Cambridge is seeing a diverse set of applications being found for Metsä Wood’s ThermoWood; with over 10,000 linear metres of the durable and versatile material expected to be consumed over the coming four years.

Kaleidoscope is a residential development by Crest Nicholson that is set to create 400 new apartments and houses within easy walking distance of the railway station. Having a strong architectural design for the façades, and with solar overheating of real concern in such well insulated dwellings, Metsä Wood ThermoWood is being fixed vertically over cantilevered steel framing to create an extremely effective Bris Soleil.

While this application is consuming large quantities of 150 x 50mm material, Metsä Wood ThermoWood is also being utilised for cladding and decking to external areas. In all cases, the heat treatment given to the Metsä Wood product offers the benefits of stability and greatly extended life cycle without the need for regular maintenance.

The Site Manager for Crest Nicholson, Mr Russell Dawkins, said: “This is a large project with a variety of surface finishes for different elements, but we have chosen to employ ThermoWood as it is a sustainable material which will endure very well. On one of the blocks for instance, all of the ‘pop-out’ balconies were clad with ThermoWood, then it is used as cladding on a lot of the walls, but the treatment is changing as we go through the site.”

All of the ThermoWood is being supplied though Riverside Building Supplies, one of Metsä Wood’s nationwide network of merchant stockists.

ThermoWood is thermally modified natural timber, where the process has a permanent effect on the properties - providing excellent durability, dimension stability and insulating qualities. The improved features of ThermoWood reduce the potential for shrinkage, warping or twisting, and ensure that the product keeps a new-like appearance for a long time.

Its beautiful, "finewood look" and dimensional stability mean that the product is ideally suited both for interior decoration and outdoor use. Since no chemicals are added, ThermoWood is also environmentally friendly.

ThermoWood is produced from carefully selected raw materials through a controlled production process to meet the highest quality standards. More than ten years’ experience of manufacturing and developing ThermoWood has made it possible to offer the best possible products and solutions for selected end uses. As well as cladding and decking, it is also used for fencing and window boards. It is a durable and stable material that can withstand varying weather conditions well, thus significantly extending the product’s life cycle. Its thermal treatment also creates a high resistance against decay.

As no chemicals or other additional constituents are applied in the treatment process, it is a good alternative to impregnated wood. For the best performance, ThermoWood should be installed in above ground conditions. Thermo-D corresponds to class 2 in resistance against decay according to the classification EN 113.

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