KalGuard helps rugby club tackle boiler problems

KalGuard helps rugby club tackle boiler problems

Portsmouth Rugby Club is among a growing number of facilities now taking advantage of Sentinel Commercial’s KalGUARD, a highly successful electrolytic scale inhibitor kit that is scientifically proven to prevent limescale formation in hot water systems.

The club turned to KalGUARD after discovering an extremely loud banging noise coming from one of its hot water boilers, which was then just five-years-old. The noise, known as ‘kettling’, is caused by an accumulation of limescale deposits on a boiler’s heat exchanger.

House Manager Jim Dixon said "Without doubt I would recommend KalGUARD to other facilities in hard water areas, especially if they want to avoid a hefty repair bill like we had. KalGUARD is one of those technologies that you can’t see working, but you know it is. Our boilers and shower heads are undeniable evidence of that.”

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