KalGUARD® is Intelligent Choice for Limescale Control

KalGUARD® is Intelligent Choice for Limescale Control

KalGUARD® by Sentinel Commercial is a low maintenance and cost-saving WRAS-approved device that is scientifically proven to inhibit limescale. Trusted by a multitude of the UK’s leading schools, colleges and world-renowned universities for over five years, KalGUARD is the ideal solution for permanent limescale control in educational buildings.

Usually specified in hard water areas (those with a water hardness level of 200ppm or more), KalGUARD can help protect both new and existing systems from limescale build-up. KalGUARD permanently ‘conditions’ water by dosing it with a very low level of stable zinc via an electrolytic process. This technology forces naturally occurring calcium carbonate crystals to form as soft, non-deposit-forming aragonite rather than into hard, deposit-forming calcite (limescale).

Electrolytic technology is the only powered device-led methodology that is recommended by UK Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L. Furthermore, independent testing undertaken at Cranfield University has proven KalGUARD’s ability to reduce limescale.

KalGUARD is a plumbed-in solution that is both cost effective and space saving. For example, it is non-LSI dependent and sized according to demand (rather than pipe size). What’s more, a single KalGUARD unit is able to treat an entire commercial hot water system/building (unlike some other limescale solutions that can require several devices to treat a hot water system) – an important consideration for many further and higher educational institutions, many of which have 60 or more buildings.

An extremely low maintenance limescale control solution, KalGUARD does not require any consumables, eliminating expensive and time-consuming management regimes, and does not waste water. Instead, KalGUARD’s filter requires a twice annual flush (which can be covered by a Sentinel Commercial technical field service contract if required), and the zinc anode has a lifespan of approximately 6-12 years, depending on water usage (after which time the anode may require replacement to maintain optimum performance).

By inhibiting limescale formation KalGUARD helps to deliver surety of hot water supply, better water pressure, and easier, faster cleaning of sanitary fittings. In addition, systems that are free of limescale are better able to be treated for legionella prevention, and can provide optimal energy efficiency, as well as lower energy and maintenance bills.

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