Kee Safety's Kee Klamp Fixtures Last 75 Years And Counting

Kee Safety's Kee Klamp Fixtures Last 75 Years And Counting

Whiteface Mountain in the state of New York is one of the tallest mountains in the region, with views if it is clear enough all the way to Canada. As one of the most popular ski-resorts in the northeast of America, adequate safety measures are vital to ensure tourist safety when visiting the mountain. This is why almost 75 years ago a complex system of railings were installed, using Kee Klamp fittings. With little sign of aging, the Kee Klamp fixtures are the perfect example of Kee Safety’s quality and longevity, maintaining their integrity three quarters of a century later.

“When we heard from a visitor that our products were still there and in fantastic condition, and in the original make-up, we were delighted. According to records, the initial installation using Kee Klamp fixings took place in 1937, three years after our establishment. We know that our products are made as a long-term solution, so hearing that the products were still in perfect condition nearly 75 years on is great, especially considering the harsh winter elements Whiteface Mountain is exposed to” explained Ian Page, Kee Safety’s Product Manager.

Kee Safety’s range of products include fixings that provide joints for safety railing, removing the need for welding, drilling and the need to bend structures. It also reduces the costly downtime welding and altering would normally require. This would be a huge advantage even now for fixtures being installed in such areas where taking and working with large amounts of equipment would be challenging. Kee Klamp products make installation simpler and far quicker as it fits onto tubular fittings, with no special tolls required, nor a great deal of skill. It also allows for great flexibility with almost any structure able to be configured, perfect for the difficult terrain of the mountain.

Kee Klamp fittings consist of galvanised cast iron, and are coated to make the fixing highly resistant to corrosion. “Whiteface Mountain has proven the perfect opportunity to demonstrate quality,” said Ian. “It is all very well being able to show examples to customers and clients, but rarely is it possible to prove the quality of the product through such long-term use in such an environment where corrosion would be highly likely.”

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