Kensa Twin Compact heat pump for Monks Lane Farm

Kensa Twin Compact heat pump for Monks Lane Farm

The Kensa Hybrid Heat pump has been selected for a large new build detached property off the gas network in Surrey, known as Monks Lane Farm. Overlooking a large lake at the foot of the property, Monks Lake Farm enjoys not only magnificent views but also a highly efficient heating system thanks to the lake acting as the renewable heat source for the heat pump.

Featuring a 15kW Hybrid ground source heat pump, Monks Lake Farm will benefit from hot water temperatures to 65ºC and space heating to 50ºC. This is achieved by the Hybrid ground source heat pump using a different refrigerant in each of the unit’s compressors.

By using the best properties of each refrigerant, the Hybrid removes the need to increase the compressor size of the unit to compensate for any de-rating in heat output associated with pure High Temperature refrigerant, and as a result saves the end user money.

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