KompaqDrain® CITY channel – compact drainage channel system for urban settings

KompaqDrain® CITY channel – compact drainage channel system for urban settings

Like all of ULMA’s KompaqDrain® channels, these high capacity mono cast systems are manufactured entirely of polymer concrete.

All of these features make them durable, strong and extremely safe, and are ideal for areas where there is usually heavy or high-intensity traffic.

However, we have to bear in mind that our cities are changing. In these areas, there is an increase of heavy traffic interspersed with pedestrians on the move. Pedestrianised city centres are a good example of this.

As such, the drainage system needs be safe and hydraulically effective, while catering for the mobility of different types of people, such as people in wheelchairs, with walking sticks or crutches, in high heels and on electric scooters.

Whilst it is important for the drainage to be effective to prevent the road from flooding, it must also be safe and prevent pedestrians from tripping or falling.

To fulfil both of these requirements, ULMA designed KompaqDrain® City channel, the compact channel with narrower collection holes.

The openings of these holes can be 8 mm, 13 mm or 16 mm (depending on the width of the channel) and all of the channels are suitable for load types up to D-400.

By narrowing the collection holes, this helps to improve accessibility, mobility and safety of the public, which is so important in daily life.

ULMA ensure hydraulic efficiency thanks to the Max-Flow® system that is integrated into all KompaqDrain® channels and they ensure the safety of pedestrians with narrow holes.

You can view all of the KompaqDrain® models here.

If you have any questions about this channel, you can contact ULMA here.

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