L' Artisan du Chocolat, Ashford, Kent

L' Artisan du Chocolat, Ashford, Kent

Client: L' Artisan du Chocolat
Type of works: K-Type hygienic doorsets and Flexi-swing double action crash doors specified for production areas.

One of the most renowned chocolatiers in the UK, L'Artisan du Chocolat has been producing quality chocolate since 1999. Its produce is widely regarded as the best in the business; it is the only chocolate served in any of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.

L' Artisan du Chocolat required several hygienic doors for its production area. The doors needed to maintain an optimum level of hygiene in order to produce the best quality chocolates. The doors also needed to allow the easy flow of traffic from the different areas of the factory to others.

Envirodoor decided that the best option of doorset would be the K-Type hygienic doorset. Its GRP construction is smooth, non-porous and seamless - as a result it will not harbour any mould or bacteria. Its waterproof exterior also makes it easy to clean, making it the ideal solution for a food production environment where hygiene is of paramount importance. Envirodoor fitted 11 of these hygienic doors into the production areas of L' Artisan du Chocolat. For the areas where the flow of traffic was larger, two double action Flexi-swing crash doors were fitted. These allow the constant flow of forklifts and people whilst eliminating draughts and reducing heating costs.

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