Laser-Line carcassing system by Bailey

Laser-Line carcassing system by Bailey

Laser-Line carcassing system by Bailey Total Building Envelope brings the benefits of modern systemised building methods to eaves construction.

Laser-Line increases the speed, accuracy and economics of eaves installation, and is a precision fabricated one-piece component that can be aligned using laser beams or traditional methods, used for eaves support up to a maximum cantilever of 900-1000mm.

Using laser beams allows complete elevations to be aligned quickly and accurately. Laser-Line’s strength and light weight means that the carcassing brackets fix directly to the structure at as few as two points.

As a single component, often for the entire eaves installation, Laser-Line eliminates the use of separate rails, angles and channels, thus reducing the time taken to install carcassing and eliminating the problems of aligning separate components.

As Laser-Line offers accuracy and speed of installation the result is effective and measurable economy all round.


• Precision fabricated bracket system for eaves support
• No structural steel outriggers required by other trades
• Can be installed using either mobile or standing access
• Eliminates the use of separate rails, angles and channels
• Reduces installation time
• Brackets are profiled to suit the required eaves shape
• One piece component that can be accurately installed using laser beams.
• Single point attachment to building face is possible
• Fewer components to handle.
• Provides a modern, lightweight solution to eaves construction
• Less interfaces to manage

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