Leaderflush Shapland Equality Act Opening Forces Doorset Solution

Leaderflush Shapland Equality Act Opening Forces Doorset Solution

Balancing the requirements for disabled access with the provision of effective barriers against smoke and fire can be very difficult.

Building designers and specifier’s clearly need to avoid creating access difficulties for disabled people and yet they must also take all steps possible to provide effective barriers against smoke and fire - safety for all is paramount.

But now, Leaderflush Shapland, the UK’s largest bespoke performance door and doorset manufacturer, has developed a unique doorset solution which will satisfy the Equality Act (previously known as the DDA) opening force requirements, whilst still complying with fire and smoke control regulations.

Approved Document B, Appendix B – Fire Safety - says that fire doors should be fitted with a self-closing device - a device which is capable of closing the door from any angle and against any latch fitted to the door. Approved document B also requires many doors to be sealed on at least the top and vertical edges to meet smoke control requirements.

However, it can be extremely difficult for wheelchair users, and for people with assistance dogs, low upper body strength or walking aids to manoeuvre through a door-opening against the force exerted by the closing device and any extra resistance exerted by seals and air pressure differentials.

Using special geometrics, Leaderflush Shapland has developed a complete engineered doorset solution which is a combination of elements specially designed to work together to meet the legislation - doorleaf, frame, seals, hinges, handle, lock, closer and all other ironmongery.

No other doorset manufacturer can make this claim with third party test evidence.

The doorset solution has been independently tested and has already successfully been installed - ideal for hospitals, schools and other public buildings. For further information, call 01773 530500 or visit the website www.leaderflushshapland.co.uk

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