Leaky palace roof terraces repaired with TT Vapour Membrane from Triton

Leaky palace roof terraces repaired with TT Vapour Membrane from Triton

Triton approved contractor, Guardian Damp, has used Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane to waterproof the roof terraces of a stunning West London property.

The property, a private residence, is a faithful copy of a Polish eighteenth century neo-classical palace, the home of the owner’s grandmother. The unique property features colourful parquet flooring, luxuriously ornate bathrooms, gold cornices and crystal chandeliers and is in high demand as a location for photo shots and filming, as well as prestigious corporate and private events.

Water ingress from the roof terraces and balconies was causing severe damage to the interior in the form of staining and‘salting’ on the ornate plasterwork, and debonding and cracking to the interfaces between plaster and timber. The water ingress was due to the marble tiles on the roof terraces and balconies having been adhered directly to the concrete substrate without screeds to falls that would allow the water to travel to the intended drainage points.

Triton’s technical team recommended that all the terrace and balcony tiles be removed and the substrate cleaned back to the original concrete. Triton TT Fillet Seal was then applied to all internal angles at the wall floor junctions and various interfaces, to reinforce these critical junctions and provide continuity of waterproofing to the whole area.

Two coats of Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane were then applied across the terrace floors and balconies, over the Triton Fillet Seal detail, and approximately 150mm up all walls/returns and lapped in to the drainage details. A screed was then laid to a suitable fall to direct water to the existing discharge/drainage points and the ornate tiles were subsequently relaid.

Triton’s TT Vapour Membrane is a high performance, elastomeric, cold liquid applied, rubber-like membrane. It is specifically designed for waterproofing a wide range of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

It is a water based, single component coating that provides an effective waterproof membrane (resisting water penetration to 3 bar). The membrane cannot be punctured as it bonds fully with the substrate. Triton TT Vapour Membrane has also been independently tested and certified as a Methane and Radon gas barrier making it a highly versatile product with a multitude of uses. It can be painted, plastered or screeded over and is easily repaired if required by locally over-coating. Triton TT Vapour Membrane is easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray and can be applied to damp or ‘green’ substrates.

London based Guardian Damp specialise in the remedial treatments of rising damp, penetrative damp, condensation control, basement waterproofing and all types of timber infestations.

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