LED Power for Vodafone Headquarters

LED Power for Vodafone Headquarters

WILA Lighting has provided LED luminaires for the Vodafone headquarters in the west of Dusseldorf. As a high end user, Vodafone was looking for LEED Gold Status Certification and their HQ premises needed to meet the required high standard of energy efficiency and smart lighting technology.

This is where LED luminaires were the ultimate choice. Designers agreed on floor-standing luminaires for high flexibility in the offices and Rhein Licht was commissioned to develop the illumination concepts for the special zones of Vodafone’s new headquarters. With all the new structures already under construction, office owner Ralf Schoofs had only a very short period of time to carry out this work.

Ralph commented "You need assured product quality to make reliable solutions available at such short notice. For the passageways in some special areas and for the wash rooms, the Wila round ceiling mounted LED Downlights were specified. WILA was our first choice because the company are able to fulfil the requirements efficiently and reliably." The “high-performance” recessed ceiling luminaires, with “high lumen” packages, feature precise glare limitation (above 65° < 1,000 cd/m²) and hence “high visual” comfort. Featuring edgeless ceiling fitting, these luminaires look absolutely flush when viewed from below creating a clean transition between ceiling and luminaire.

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