Leeson Park, Dublin

Client: Leeson Park
Type of works: installed new plasterwork and created moulds

Leeson Park is one of Dublin’s smartest residential areas, and the conversion of one of its finest properties from a dozen bed-sits back to a fine 24 room family home involved challenging Ornate Interior’s craftsmen to restore plasterwork that had been damaged almost beyond repair.

The team worked on cornices, ceiling features and entrance arches that made the house’s interior so distinctive. Four types of cornice mould and two ceiling moulds were created to reproduce fibrous plaster embellishments. Some were matched and blended into the existing ornamentation, but some were made from scratch. The enrichments to the entrance arches had a sharp undercut, which further complicated the job.

Three craftsmen were on site to install the new plasterwork while two others created the handmade moulds in the workshops in Yorkshire. This prestigious project ensures that the Victorian home can now show off its finely decorated rooms for many years to come.

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