Let nora® Environmental Rubber Floorings Ease Your Eco-Conscience

Let nora® Environmental Rubber Floorings Ease Your Eco-Conscience

The ever-increasing awareness towards environmental compatibility in today’s flooring market means that all companies must show a responsible attitude towards helping to protect the environment. nora® flooring systems is no exception and has for many years strived towards being as ‘green’ as possible. In addition to its economic use, the value of a product is also increasingly being determined by its environmental compatibility, an aspect of life which nora systems takes very seriously and which is part of its daily business principles and guidelines. All floor coverings produced by nora systems are subjected to a strict, regular quality inspection and as such nora systems is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management).

High-quality raw ingredients are the basis of nora® rubber floorings. Natural rubber is a renewable raw material extracted from the sap of the tropical rubber plant (Helvea brasiliensis). These are supplemented by raw mineral materials from natural deposits and by environmentally compatible coloured pigments. All raw materials and the end products are tested according to the strictest quality standards.

In 1996 nora® rubber floorings received the first of its environmental accreditations when the company subjected itself to a voluntary auditing of its management systems by EMAS. Today nora® systems has no less than seven environmental awards including the ‘Blue Angel’(the first and oldest environmental label in the world), Greenguard Indoor Air Quality, and the BRE ‘A’ rating.

All nora® rubber floor coverings are free of any pvc, plasticizers (phthalate) and halogens (e.g chlorine), they are also toxicologically safe in the event of fire – no hydrochloric acid, no dioxins and furans are given off. Indoor air quality is another factor increasingly being considered very important and nora® floor coverings are regularly emission tested by independent institutions.

nora® rubber floorings are designed for every sector of the commercial market and have a very extensive project portfolio. Recent projects Royal Alexandra Childrens Hospital, Brighton, Heathrow and Gatwick new airport terminals, Marks and Spencer Flagship stores, and many schools and leisure projects. New to the range is a safety floor with excellent slip resistance R11, is PVC free and BRE ‘A’ rated. Easy to clean and competitively priced, noraplan® ultra grip is a valuable alternative to other safety flooring products.

nora® floor coverings can be installed in tiles or rolls using solvent-free environmentally compatible adhesives, and norament® steptreads and skirting profiles can be installed using double-sided special tape only released for nora® products.

For over 60 years nora® has been producing rubber flooring for the most diverse of applications. The company’s focus is always on developing the right products for it's customers to meet individual and specific requirements. Whether making a contribution to creating a positive atmosphere in a kindergarten or developing a hard wearing, high-performance flooring for a major airport – the most successful solutions always come about in close cooperation with you our customer. We are proud of this tradition and are keen to extend it further. We would therefore like to invite you to discover how nora® thinks and what it can do for it’s clients.

nora® rubber floor coverings installed today, withstanding the test of time and looking after the future.

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