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Let's Stop Wasting Water in the Toilet!

Let's Stop Wasting Water in the Toilet!

In 2004, VitrA revolutionized the local market by developing a special cistern mechanism that reduced flush rate to 4.5 lites. Continuing efforts to improve on low consumption were rewarded in 2008, by the WC-cistern sets that provide a perfectly efficient flushing with only 2.5/4 litres of water.

The products were tested by the German LGA Institution and certified to be the world's first WC-cistern sets that flush with only 4 litres in compliance with EU standards (EN997). Afterwards, with the know-how generated during the design of low-consumption WC-cistern combinations, the technology is transferred to wall-hung and single back-to-wall WCs. As of recently, VitrA offers low consumption in all WCs in the MOD, Shift and Sunrise series, WC-cistern combinations in the Matrix, Water Jewels and S50 collections; and also wall-hung WCs in the Retro series.

As for WC sets currently in use, a special dual flush mechanism developed by VitrA can be retro-fitted in the cistern providing 3/6 litres dual flushing and saving water by up to 40%. Assuming a family of four uses the WC 20 times a day, an average of 4 flushes with 6 litres and 16 flushes with 3 litres, can reduce water consumption to 72 litres from 120 a day. The water saved adds up to 336 litres per week, 1.5 tons per month, and 17.5 tons per year by replacing 6 litres single flushing mechanism to 3/6 litres dual flushing mechanism. The savings can be increased dramatically if one of the new generation WCs that can function with 2.5/4 litres are installed. A family of four can reduce water consumption to 56 from 120 litres a day. The water saved adds up to 448 litres per week, 23.3 tons per year with new generation low consumption WCs.

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