Leyton receives the largest Super Hub in Waltham Forest

Leyton receives the largest Super Hub in Waltham Forest

Located next to Leyton Tube Station, the Leyton Super Hub was designed and installed by Cyclepods as part of the Mini-Holland project under the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council.

Waltham Forest were given £27million of funding by Transport for London to invest in making their streets more accessible and safer for all users.

The design of the Leyton Super Hub was based on their ‘Lewes’ style Cycle Hub, but they used the modern architecture of the surrounding area as inspiration to ensure it complemented the local urban environment.

The original space was both tight and limited which meant careful planning was necessary. Due to Cyclepods two-tier systems, they managed to turn the previous 20 spaces into an impressive 165, that’s a 725% increase.

Now, the structure is made from recyclable steel, and the walls from toughened laminated glass. The whole building is low consuming in energy and the materials themselves are recyclable where possible to ensure the whole Hub is sustainable.

The natural street levels worked in favour of a double level hub as you can access the lower level from the street, and the upper level from the bridge across the A12 via a specially designed cantilever ramp. Thanks to the modular nature of their design, the lower level can be extended to provide more spaces or facilities if needed.

The Super Hub is fully-equipped with the most up-to-date, eco-friendly and user-friendly Cycle Hub facilities available and features state-of-the-art access control technology for maximum security.

The LED lighting systems runs off low voltage electricity and are triggered via PIR motion sensors, ensuring reduced energy costs. The Help Point and XL Bike Pump & Fix-It Repair Stands are available on both floors providing basic maintenance and repair. A CCTV system has also been included due to the very public location and the elevated levels of traffic expected through the hub.

The most unique feature of the Leyton Super Hub is that it is the only Secured by Design Cycle Hub to date, meaning that it meets the Police Preferred Specifications for security.

“We want to make cycling an enjoyable, safe and easy way of getting around, not just for people who already cycle but for people who might be thinking about cycling but have reservations.

“We want to use the scheme to increase cycling among residents. Getting more residents to jump on a bike will improve health and fitness levels and reduce vehicle emissions to create a more pleasant environment for everyone. We recognise that people need to feel confident whilst cycling so in addition to making routes safer, we offer a range of activities to encourage people to jump on a bike and feel more confident about cycling.” - LB of Waltham Forest, Mini-Holland Scheme.

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