LG’s new low noise fan inspired by humpback whales

LG’s new low noise fan inspired by humpback whales

LG Electronics and Seoul National University confirmed that they had discovered a solution for reducing noise and improving energy efficiency from marine life and implemented this solution in system air conditioning products through a joint research collaboration.

The collaborative research effort by Seoul National University and LG Electronics produced a biomimicry fan for air conditioning units that implement the shape of both the fins of humpback whales and clam shells to decrease noise emission and reduce energy consumption by 10%.

LG Electronics and Seoul National University found that the concept behind the way humps on humpback whale fins allows the fins to glide naturally though the water could reduce separation of suction side on an axial-flow fan.

Multi V 5 is the next generation air conditioner with a high-efficiency inverter compressor, a 4 surface heat exchanger that improves energy efficiency 11% over the Multi V 4 and 20-26HP capacity.

Also, it is the first air conditioner system in the world to have humidity sensors in both the outdoor compressors and indoor units that detect temperature and humidity to reduce energy consumption when there are frequent changes in humidity and drastically reduce electricity fees.

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