Life is colourful

Life is colourful

ALCAN COMPOSITES received the "BEX Award" prize for Architecture in June 2008 in Valencia under the category "Best Use of Architectural or Structural Design." The prize was for the application of ALUCOBOND® in a modernization project for 5,432 residential units in the Dortmund suburb of Scharnhorst. The jury especially highlighted its impression of an urbanised, classic concept which was able to assert itself against international projects in the final phase. "It is a great honour to receive this award and once again, it proves that the ALUCOBOND® produced in Singen is a quality feature in the field of architecture," said Markus Gross, President of Architecture Europe, at Alcan Composites.

With a view towards an economic consolidation of the residential housing, the Ruhr-Lippe Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH decided on an exemplary way of restructuring the residential sites that were built at the end of the 60's. The architect, Andreas Hanke, planned a building concept that complimented the town’s classic architectural style, which enabled the residents and the town to find a new, modern perspective for its implementation.
Italian, French and Californian residential quarters were developed in various different structural designs in order to lend the buildings a classic, timeless appearance.

The appearance of the stigmatised, exposed aggregate concrete building had to be changed to one that conveyed a sense of security and confidence. Italian, French and Californian residential quarters were developed in various different structural designs in conformity with the general town-planning orientation as a discernable, urban, building arrangement with a narrative quality. In addition to the colour compositions adopted from historical townscapes, a new design and façade arrangement true to scale was achieved by using classic and symbolic architectural elements, such as cornice strips, a discernable intermediate floor with a protruding roof, and by emphasizing the entrances. It is not a historical reproduction that is trying to be adapted here, but features and symbols of urban landscapes and façades that convey a sense of confidence and security and thereby bring about the acceptance of an urban area, a house and the flat.

In line with the concept of creating buildings with a sustainable, pleasing appearance out of the stigmatised, exposed aggregate concrete of the sixties, together with the energy-saving concept of thermal insulation, the responsible persons concerned chose the composite material, ALUCOBOND® plus, produced by Alcan Composites, which now adorns 45,000 m² of façade in various different colours. Due to its 'colour concept', the entire project stood under the motto "Life is colourful".

The BEX Awards for 2008 were awarded in 8 categories and presented to the winners at a Gala Dinner in Valencia, Spain.
"We are very proud of the result that could be achieved with ALUCOBOND® plus in Scharnhorst and are delighted to have received this valuable prize in architecture", said Guntram Eydner, Marketing Manager at Alcan Composites.

BEX (Building Exchange) is a campaign-oriented forum and a high-ranking summit bringing together more than 200 organisations from more than 40 countries - operating both in the private and public sector. In partnership with the World Green Building Council, the focus of this year's awards was on the imminent problems of global climatic change, and the nominated projects thus gave positive answers to questions concerning sustainability, innovation, energy efficiency and interdisciplinary cooperation.

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