Lightway F400 brings sunlight to underground offices

Lightway F400 brings sunlight to underground offices

A frequent wish of customers in cities who want more healthy sunlight in their flats, homes, or offices is to bring it in through the wall of the building. They have dark rooms far from the roof, and leading the light tubes through several floors of a high-rise building is impractical.

Also quite common is the need to bring sunlight underground where offices and living spaces are created mostly in bigger cities. Lightway Daylight offers an effective solution to get real sunlight in rooms where it was previously impossible: Light collector Lightway F400 on the outer walls of the building sends sunlight through horizontal tubes into hallways or bathrooms or other apartment rooms, which previously were dark and without natural light.

• If you cannot install a sun tunnel on the roof, put it on the exterior wall of the building
• This unique sun tunnel and easily transmits it over distances of up to 30 m
• The outside diameter of the light collector on the building’s exterior is 550 mm in diameter. But the tunnel tubing itself is a mere 156 mm or 220 mm in diameter, ensuring easy passage through the opening in the wall and worry-free passage of tubing under the ceiling and into interior

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