Lignacite unveil new website providing you with the tools for the future

Lignacite unveil new website providing you with the tools for the future

Lignacite not only focus on the quality of their concrete blocks, but also improving the services they provide their customers. Over the last few years Lignacite have been working on making the decision process for blockwork easier.

Lignacite have developed a new website, incorporating a simplified method of accessing and choosing the correct block for your project. If you already know the Lignacite range then navigating to the block information has been simplified, showing all the relevant data on one page. If you need assistance in defining the block needed, then their two newest tools, The Specification Builder and the Product Selector can help.

The Specification Builder supports you in specifying Lignacite products accurately and quickly, either in generic terms, e.g. ‘medium dense’ or by selecting the physical product such as ‘Lignacite Fair Face 215mm x 100mm 7.3N’. The Lignacite Specification Builder programme can assist you and it’s free to use.

The Specification Builder, a database programme, draws down on a set of key data to dictate the required product or products. This then produces a Word document with the building criteria relevant to your project, ready for submission to the planning department.

For those customers who are unsure of the best options, then Lignacite offers a personalised service. Their Specification Specialists can assist either by phone or visit to assist in the following:

  • Understanding the plans and required product(s)
  • Survey the building requirements with you
  • Give clear identification and selection of the correct product ensuring that building regulations and specification have been achieved

The Product Selector is an easy to use selection tool which allows you to select the type of application you wish to build, i.e. ‘external cavity’ or ‘party walls’; you can then select the required finish, ie ‘to receive render or cladding’, the programme then selects the blocks best suited for your application.

The Product Selector page also displays an illustration showing you which blocks can be used in which areas of the build.

To give you inspiration, you can look at Lignacite historical “Projects” in their ‘About Us’ section on the website, showing which blocks were used in the differing areas of construction.

Lignacite have developed an extended range of icons which present the key benefits and performance attributes of each of the blocks, such as recycled content, fire resistance and sound insulation.

Lignacite’s extensive Technical Library has also been updated to include subjects on Design Guidance, to their Environmental strategy and commitments.

The Product Range – Above and Below Ground

Lignacite’s current range of concrete blocks includes lightweight, medium dense and dense products.

Lignacite's Fibo 850 is at the lighter end of lightweight blocks, made with expanded clay aggregates (FIBO) and a weight of 850kg per m3. With a high insulation factor, together with an ideal surface for direct application of plasters and renders, Fibo 850 is suitable for housing and extension projects. For use in inner and outer leaves of external cavity walls, partition and Fire Break construction.

Lignalite was developed for the Crossrail construction, where the standard use of beams to reinforce the walls were unable to be used as they could not be moved easily around the tunnels. These blocks are manufactured with lightweight aggregates and comes as ‘Paint Grade’ finish, allowing for direct paint application saving the added expense of plaster or render. Available in 190mm block only, they are ideal for use in the construction of internal walls within offices, warehouses, sports halls and factories.

Medium Dense
Ash GP blockwork provides high quality levels of sound insulation between buildings and adjoining rooms making an excellent choice for use within housing, office and educational buildings. It can be used in party wall constructions, based on lightweight blockwork specifications, detailed in Approved Document E to the Building Regulations.

Lignacite’s founding product, ‘Lignacite’ which gave them their name, offers high fire resistance, excellent sound insulation and good thermal performance. With its’ closed finish face, the block can be used as a paint grade block, or if requested, they can batch produce a ‘Fair Face’ finish allowing the wall constructed to be left unfinished but with a single colour, smooth face. This block has been used extensively on some of the country's most iconic buildings including The Gherkin, The Shard and the Olympic Stadium.

Lignacrete, a robust, loadbearing block, suitable for internal and external walls. The block offers a range of strengths up to 32N/mm2 with several key benefits including excellent sound insulation properties.

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