Lincolnshire Cottage

Lincolnshire Cottage

Client: Private
Type of works: supplied Herz Pelletstar 20kw biomass bolier

With an ideal location for a small biomass boiler to replace an oil system, Mr and Mrs Fisher installed a Herz Pelletstar before extending their three bedroom rural cottage in Lincolnshire.

“We wanted to use the outbuilding to house the boiler, and were happy to feed pellets into the integrated 300 litre hopper.” says Mrs Fisher.

“The sacks are quite convenient as we are able to store most of what we need for the whole winter, so have them delivered in an economical volume.”

“I was also impressed with the low energy loss pipes used underground to connect the existing system with the new boiler, as they lose very little heat over the 20 metres or so that we need to run underground.”

“We made the change prior to the winter in 2006 and have been very happy with the performance of the boiler in providing heat and hot water.”

“Rural Energy advised that to get to our budget figure we could try the system without a buffer tank. They explained that it would be a little less efficient but it was an initial cost saving: we felt we could add one into the system if we found it was needed, but have been happy without.”

The Pelletstar selected for this application is compact and with the storage hopper is completely self contained including the fully automatic cleaning system, and large, easy access ash container. Combustion control is maintained with a monitoring Lambda probe, ensuring fuel saving and clean emissions.

Biomass fuel type: Pellets

Boiler model and output: Herz Pelletstar 20 kW

Expected annual fuel consumption: 200-250 x 25 kg bags loaded into hopper.

Features: Outhouse location, integrated pellet hopper, underground pipe work.

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